Give the gift of ESCAPE! Gift vouchers are available online!


Gift cards are available for purchase at 310 E. Main St. during our weekend hours.

Click HERE to PURCHASE your gift voucher!
Click HERE to REDEEM your gift voucher.  

Once you purchase your gift voucher, you can customize it! Write your own message and choose from a number of images, or even upload your own photo! Gift vouchers are valid for five years from the date of purchase.  

Have an expired voucher or gift card? No worries! We honor expired vouchers and gift cards! Please email your expired voucher code to, or call us at 434-566-9499, and we’ll give you a new code!

Gift vouchers and cards can be used for any Room during our regular business hours, including any extended hours we are open during the holidays.

Gift voucher example using a predefined image.

Gift voucher example using a predefined image.